Sunday, December 16, 2012

Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Marketer

Almost all businesses know that having a website is simply not enough. With some effort and time, they could well implement Search Engine Marketing instead of finding out a search engine marketer to do this. However, the wiser option is to have a Search Engine Marketer handle the issue of driving traffic to your website and help in increasing your business through systematic and strategic Search Engine Marketing techniques.

As a Search Engine Marketer, I have virtually explored all aspects of this model as a means to drive traffic to websites. Whether it is an existing website receiving no traffic at all or a newly set up website, I think search engine marketing is one of the quickest ways to generate traffic to a website. It does cost. However, going the organic SEO route(which, BW, I do) is time consuming. You want business now and improve your bottom line. Search engine marketers like me help make this happen.

I adopt a multi-pronged approach as the most effective way of search engine marketing to achieve my objectives of driving traffic to a client’s website. What I do is make a judicious spread of ads after discussing budgets with my clients. These PPC or Pay Per Click ads are simply great and spread across Yahoo, Google and Bing, get you hundreds of inquiries by the day. The campaign may not last long and depends on the budget you have set up for search engine marketing, but as a search engine marketer, let me tell you that even if it is only for six months, it is enough to make your company be noticed and get enough business to pay back the costs of search engine marketing. In the meanwhile, search engine optimization and other strategies start kicking in results.  As a search engine marketer I strongly recommend to each client to spend the money on search engine marketing: it gets results fast. Just get a smart, specialist search engine marketer to make it happen for you. In these days of global cut throat competition I believe search engine marketing is not an option; it is indispensable to stay ahead.

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Internet Marketing and Internet Marketer

Involved in Internet Marketing and working as an Internet Marketer since my early days I have watched the competition grow, watched the market grow at a staggering pace and the huge benefits local companies have reached to the extent of becoming a global presence. It does not need an MBA to become an Internet Marketer and carry out Internet Marketing activities. Anyone with a yen to learn and a passion to study and research and implement techniques and also  come up with a few of his own based on his researches can work as an Internet Marketer and carry out Internet Marketing for companies.

Unlike physical marketing, an Internet Marketer does not even have to be an employee. He can work remotely, prepare plans and strategies, submit to his client and implement all these from his location and yet obtain results at a global scale without moving from his desk. It is knowledge, information, skills and experience that drives Internet Marketing.  I have put in sufficient efforts and gained enough experience and am proud to say I have conducted  a number of successful internet marketing campaigns using familiar SEO Techniques besides a few of my own innovative ideas. Alexa rankings show visitors in ‘000000s for websites that have been the subject of my Internet Marketing Campaigns, a quantum leap from the ‘00s figures of only a year before.

More to the point is that I study each client, his product and service and importantly, his competitors too before I even think of a plan. Knowing all the angles means the best cost effective strategy that gets results for you.  You have a business you want to expand across the  world. You know the competition and how they are moving. You know there is a vast sea of potential customers out there. You have a website and the only missing link here is to reach out to those customers through the web. As an Internet Marketing I provide Internet Marketing Services that bridge the gap. I do what you need to be done most: drive traffic to your website so that you can convert potential customers into actual ones. Working in a friendly, open way with affordable pricing policy I have made lifelong customer who have even gone on to recommend me to other business associates.

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What is PPC?

The concept of Pay Per Click (PPC) probably originated when Jeffrey Brewer of (now part of Yahoo) developed a Pay Per Click search engine concept in February 1998 at the TED conference in California. Yahoo integrated this full blast from November 2001. Google refined this PPC and gave it new direction with its adwords system and targeted SEO Experts, web developers and others to the extent of even training them, leading to spread of PPC Experts with deep knowledge of how this model works and how to exploit it to the full.

While normal search engine optimization strategies are organic and yield results over time, the fast track to getting traffic is to go in for Pay Per Click (PPC) model of internet advertising offered. PPC Experts are familiar with the Pay Per Click models offered by Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center. PPC Experts know how to use the offers by these search engines to the best advantage of their clients by choosing appropriate keywords and making the right bid, spread out budget and to ensure the best ROI. These popular search engines will display sponsored ads or sponsored links on the first page or on the  inner pages when anyone has input the relevant key words that match the advertiser’s choice of keywords or if the site has relevant content. PPC charges for display on the first page are usually higher than for the subsequent inner pages of search results.  The PPC Expert will usually carefully select keywords after considering competition and searcher’s preferences to ensure displays on only relevant search pages. Each time anyone clicks on the links, the advertiser has to pay. Select keywords attract a higher bid and therefore a higher cost to the advertiser, whereas other keywords carefully chosen by the PPC Expert will be just as effective but at a much lower cost. It needs the PPC Expert’s knowledge and experience of the way this system works to fine tune the PPC model on bid basis.

Another PPC method adopted by PPC Experts is to post his client’s advertisement banners on selected sites. In this arrangement, the client has to pay only when any visitor to the site clicks on the banner advertisement and is directed to the client’s website. Such banner ads deployed on various business sites, portals and social sites can cost a tidy sum of money but also ensure quick and instant traffic.

Then there are sites that allow you to post links at a fixed cost regardless of whether visitors click the link or not. PPC Experts may include such models in their ad campaigns based on various considerations. Each site owner has different policies and B2B Sites these days are also narrowly segmented with industry specific sites giving the opportunity to reach out to specific groups of potential buyers. When links or ads are posted here by the PPC Expert, chances of receiving inquiries from potential clients are high. However, similar relevant ads may also be posted alongside and dilute the effectiveness since potential clients are also likely to click through to those sites. There are various options open to the PPC Expert here in the context of long term contract, displaying ads on pages with relevant content that would attract valuable visitors, product and service categories for fine tuning the targeting process. 

Yet another method PPC Experts adapt is to go in for affiliate marketing method to generate traffic and business for his client’s website. In this model, the affiliate marketing website displays links or small ads placed by the PPC Expert on that website on behalf of his client. Visitor to the affiliate’s website can click on the links and visit the client’s website. However, clients do not have to pay unless the click through results in business for them.

In the bid model, PPC Experts contract with the advertising network that spreads the ads through its network of websites by placing bids in a sort of auction, competing with similar products and services offered by others. This is an automated process and only the highest bidder has his ad displayed though the network’s partner websites when visitors input the keywords.

Contextual ads display through the advertising market on its network is another model adopted by PPC Experts to drive traffic to their clients’ websites. When visitors to the advertising network websites input keywords and relevant content is displayed, the ad is also triggered automatically. These are considered less effective by PPC Experts than similar ads on Search Engine pages.

Knowledge and experience are vital tools of the PPC Expert when he deploys an ad campaign in this sphere for his client to ensure the maximum traffic and returns on investment.